Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am sure I have mentioned this before...I do NOT do mice.  There are mice in the cellar and mice in the walls and He and She look at me as though they EXPECT me to chase them but if they think I am touching one of those dirty little things...THEY have another thing coming!  I DO NOT DO MICE!

Bill T Cat did mice.  He was a great mouser...maybe the greatest of all time.  He would sit in the cellar for hours waiting to catch one...just waiting.  I am not sitting in the cellar.  I am not waiting for anything except the sound of an opening Fancy Feast can.

OMG, the outside cat...he has caught a mouse.  I think he might be another great mouser but he is not ALLOWED inside the house.  That is not helpful to a lovely young lady such as myself.  That leaves THEM looking to me for help.  NOT HAPPENING!

There are all sorts of contraptions THEY can buy to catch these awful, nasty, dirty, sneaky critters.


Look at this one..SNAP! DONE!  or... how about one called a Tin Cat?

Even a Diva can't abide by a GLUE trap.  EWWWW!

Why not one that can catch them and then drive them away in the car about 50 miles?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It is true...chipmunks eat more than cats.  She filled the feeder with seed and that chippy took everything.  Just let me at him!

The goldfinch are golder then ever!  

There were not many birds in Florida besides the "OH OH" birds; big huge black birds that came by with the trash men.  We did have a squirrel who stopped by but He said, "Don't you feed that thing!"

So, here is the Florida bird I saw...
           She says these are birds.  They look like monsters to me!   I prefer my birds small and tasty...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pet Sitting

I think that it would be good for my woman to become a Pet Sitter.  She could earn some extra money so that she can buy me some new toys.   I have a pretty big basket and I think there is room for at least 10 more.
Dog walking could earn her some money as long as she doesn't bring them here. 

Off to Florida Part Two

I think that by the second day on the road I was in shock. I skipped the meows and went right to playing dead. Before too long we had pulled up to another house and I was carried into this empty place and left in a corner while all of these strangers started filing in and out and I was totally ignored. I started yelling and letting them know I was not happy that I was stuck in a corner inside my car box. Who keeps a diva like me inside a cat box in the house? Finally I got some strange woman's attention and she took me out of the box. I went on an explore and from what I could see...this must be Florida. There are weird trees and it is HOT and I think I saw a the GREEN thing from the Geico Ad outside on the bushes. This HAD to be FLORIDA!

It took a long time and a lot of strangers to get a bed set up and my kitty litter box and privacy screen out in the garage. I wondered if all these people would be living here with us now that we are in FLORIDA? They do make a ruckus. I was glad to have "under the bed" to hide and I decided to stay there until I heard a can opening.

Cans don't open in FLORIDA as often as I like and I had to practically play dead again to get noticed. All the banging and tearing papers kept me under the bed. A whole long time went by before I ventured out.... I wanted them to worry. As soon as I found the garage I slipped behind my privacy screen and before long I was feeling like my old self...just in FLORIDA.

Once it got quiet and just He & She were there I thought that maybe FLORIDA might not be so bad. There were treats and toys and I had my climbing shelf by the window. I had a spot for my food dish and water and I had a nice dark spot under the bed. Purrrsss.. I like it in my new home.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Off To Florida

I have been on an adventure for the past year and for some reason I have not posted any of my news! Last October, my people packed me into my car box, and we headed to a place called, Florida. There was a lot of noise and yelling and fighting and crying and paper and boxes and sticky tape and forgotten pills and vet trips and it was just nothing to purr about. On the big day I was scooped up and put into THE BOX and off we went.

I tried the meeeoooowwww technique for at least a half hour. They drove on. I tried clawing at the screen for a half hour. They drove on. Finally I tried playing dead. They drove on. I played dead until I fell asleep and didn't wake up until the first fill-up. There was a lot of discussion about me having to "go" and once they put me in some sort of tent with a kitty litter box but if they thought I was going to "go" psssssssssst!

Finally we arrived in Florida. Next thing I am loaded up and find myself in big moving box with bells ringing. When things settled down I realized I was in one of those wonderful swanky rooms with the big bed and the behind the bed places to explore. Once the kitty litter was put down and the food dished out..all was PURRFECT! Florida was looking pretty good!

Next morning I found them putting my kitty litter away and taking my food dish away. WHAT? Back into the moving box with the bells. Back into the car box. Back on the road and back to my meeeooowww and clawing and playing dead.

Next time we stopped I found myself in my FAVORITE place and I knew I was HOME! This had to be Florida. Look..It had a window bed for me! Puurrrfect!

More to come........