Monday, September 15, 2014

Where have I been?  Well I have been in the short house for longer than expected and then I moved to a new short house with Papa's mamasan and she really doesn't like cats at all so I have to lay low which is not hard because I have not been feeling well for awhile.  My blood pressure has been very high so my mobile vet, Dr. M, put me on more medication.  Every once in awhile she comes here and I go out into the big van and she does something to my tail and wraps some contraption around it.  How could my blood pressure ever be low when someone is doing THAT?

Then of course I have my thyroid problem and that has caused me to lose a tremendous amount of weight.  I am only five pounds now so if I walk fast Miss B who hates cats doesn't see me.

The biggest adventure of the summer was a long car ride that included my favorite thing; hotels!  We rode and rode and rode and by the time we stopped I couldn't get into my facilities fast enough.  Can you blame me if I had an accident or two?  I am a senior citizen after all.  It was fun to see the tall house and I thought maybe we were staying there but before long they had packed me back into the car house and we headed back to Miss B's where I live now.

When we got back home I started to get pretty sick and after awhile mamasan figured out that I had, FLEAS.  Not just a couple I had a zillion and they were killing me.  I was anemic and feeling really weak but they put some medicine on me and kept me in the small room where I have been ever since the flea outbreak.  I hear that the fleas even started biting Papa and Mama so at least I am not the only one.  Every day they get better and fewer fleas are biting.  They put this sticky thing with a light in the small room and I had grown to like it very much until one night my tail swished a little to close and suddenly I was caught in the flea trap.  I have not liked that thing since and keep away.

I spend a lot of time sleeping now but I can still purr really loudly.  That's all for now.