Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elephant Sanctuary

Bunny the elephant has died.

The Elephant Sanctuary
in Howenwald, TN is just the greatest place.

My uman's adopted up two elephants; Winkie and Tarra. They don't come to live with us they live at this wonderful place in Tennessee with a lot of other rescued elephants. You really need to go and see the site! There is an ele-cam too and you can watch the elephants play in the fields. I think every one should adopt an elephant when you need to get a gift..I love mine. My uman is going to get me a new elephant on my birthday in 14 days!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cat Friends & Illness

Got some bad news from Arty (she is a girl cat) one of my Twitter friends. She has Hyper T and now they found out she has early renal failure. Poor Arty! Her mom is going to do everything she can for her so she is a lucky cat!

Then when OMG, the out the back door cat arrived this morning, he had a TICK...EWWW!!!!!! on his forehead. My mama cannot get near him because he HISSSSSSES so he ate and then left with a BIG TICK on his
forehead. EWWWW!!!!!

Here are some good sites for people who love their cats!

Yahoo Support Group Feline Hyper-T

Yahoo Group Support CRF

Yahoo Group For CRF

Yahoo Group for Phosphorus Management

For Chronic Renal Failure supplies

For Pets with Diabetes

These groups have been a big help to my family especially when my Angel Cat Bill was so sick!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday Countdown Continues

18 Days to My Big Day!

Yikes! Who sent out the invites?


Sun Puddlezzzz!

I LOVE SUN PUDDLEZZZZZZ! Between sunpuddlezzzz and bird watching my day is FULL!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To Feed a Feral Cat

Have I told you about my history? I was a stray cat when my Mamasan found me. (I found her, really) I had lived outdoors for all of March through October and it was cold and rainy and scary. I was not afraid of people but I was afraid of noises in the dark night and thunder storms and I was afraid I would never have a home. Out there in the world there was a grey cat who was as wild as they come. He did not like me and he did not go near Mamasan. He would sneak down to the deck and get food after he was sure she was inside. Mamasan set up a Rain Village for me...she covered her eating outside table with plastic and she made a box for me to go inside of. I knew she was nice right from the start!

It was a rainy spring and summer. I got wet and I got in lots of fights with that Grey Cat. When it started to get cold outside Mamasan decided to try to bring me in so she took me to the white coat and they pulled out some of my teeth and my blood and then they said I could come inside and I would not hurt, "my Bill."

That Old Man Grey had to st
ay outside though because he doesn't like people, not at all. So, Mamasan bought a feeding station that came in a box and Papasan and Mamasan put it together with screws. Now when Old Man Grey wants to eat he gets inside there and it is dry and safe.

Everyone should be nice, like Mamasan, to cats who have no home. They will love you even if they don't say it!

Feral Villa Feeding Station

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a Trip!

I had a great trip this past week-end. I got into my car box and we drove for a lonnng time and then we stopped for a lonnng time and THEY left me in the car while they went to party. Oh sure, they tried to take me in to the party but that is NOT for me! I liked sitting in the car watching from afar!

Then we drove a lonnnng lonnng time and finally mamasan said, "We are here" and she grabbed me up and carried me into the house which turned out to be a strange house that I have never been in!!!! I went right under the bed and stayed there until SHE finally shut the lights off. I came sneaking out and explored the room a bit. I found my newspaper on the floor and a bowl of food and glass of water. I also found the potty which seemed to be very important but was not out of sight as it normally is. Did THEY think I would "GO" right in front of EVERYONE? In the morning THEY left me locked in the room which was FINE with me because I heard an AWFUL LOUD SCARY NOISY MEOWING in the night and I sure did not want to scramble with THAT creature.
Finally all the packing went on and I was put back into the car box and we drove a lonnng lonng lonng way back to HOME which I really love a lot! I love my car box but I love HOME best of all!