Saturday, May 14, 2011

Have you missed me?  I have had such a wonderful adventure and I wanted to share it with my friends on my blog but SHE always hogs the laptop with her time on Facebook.  Not to say there is anything WRONG with Facebook as I do spend a bit of time on there too...but C'MON!  I had pictures to post and stories to tell about motels and kittens and my L O N G ride and lizards and HOW WILL I EVER GET CAUGHT UP??????

First of all...remember that hussy that was hanging around with my outside boyfriend? Preggers!  She got so fat I was embarrassed for her.  Once she started hiding under the front steps even I knew she had popped!   It was getting closer and closer to the time when I would be taking my L O N G ride so we wouldn't be around to feed any outside cats.  The house was buzzing, boxes packed, clearing out, slamming and yelling, (just a little >^..^<) and tick tock!  

Get a load of this.. mamasan had to call the Animal Control officer and they were all sent off to jail!  JAIL!  The officer sent pictures..

That gray one looks a lot like my boyfriend!

                                                                      Miss Gracie
The babies have been adopted but not Miss Gracie.  She might make a good friend for me if she stays away from my boyfriend!!

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