Friday, February 3, 2012

Popping in to say meow...  
    I have been losing weight lately so mamasan says she is calling the mobile vet.  Ahhh...the mobile vet?  
        We had mice at home in the tall house but I hate mice.  I hope they are gone when I get back there because I don't like going into the dark to use my facilities when the mice might be there.  I did say I don't like mice?

        Here we have lizards.. the run fast but the good thing is they stay outside.  Except for that ONE that was in the hamper and I really did not like anything being in the bedroom with me so I stared at it til mamasan got it outside which is where it belongs.  

       Here in the short house I just walk right out into a garage and use my facilities which is a good thing unless there are spiders.  I wonder if there are spiders in the tall house.

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